PDF Files

The following links will allow you to download the PDF files for all the posts on this blog (except announcements). Also, this page has links to some very good books on Arabic Grammar which will definitely be useful to the student of Classical Arabic


  1. The Comprehensiveness of Arabic Language
  2. The Structure of Arabic Language

Nahw section

  1. Nahw – An Introduction to the Science of Arabic Grammar
  2. Nahw – The Phrase
  3. Nahw – The Grammatical States in Arabic Language
  4. Nahw – The Grammatical States in Arabic Language – Part 2
  5. Nahw – The Anatomy of a Sentence – Part 1
  6. Nahw – The Anatomy of a Sentence – Part 2
  7. Nahw – The Anatomy of a Sentence – Part 3
  8. Nahw – Attached Pronouns- Their Grammatical States
  9. Nahw – The Grammatical States Playground – Murab and Mabnee
  10. Nahw – Methods of Reflection of a Noun
  11. Nahw – Nahw – Methods of reflection for the Muzaray verb
  12. Nahw – Huruf Mushabbah bil Fayl – Particles resembling Verbs
  13. Nahw – Singular Dual and Plural Nouns in Arabic
  14. Nahw – Let us count in Arabic – and get a headache
  15. Nahw – Let us hit a hitting or rejoice a rejoicing – Mafool Mutlaq
  16. Nahw – The concept of haal and zul-haal
  17. Nahw – The Followers – Tawabay

Sarf section

  1. Sarf
  2. Sarf – Variations of the Past Tense
  3. Sarf – Al-Muzaray – The Present and Future Tense
  4. Sarf – Variations of Al-Muzaray
  5. Sarf – More Variations of Al-Muzaray
  6. Sarf – The Command Verb: constructing the Amr
  7. Sarf – Abwab-ul-Afaal – Introduction to Verb Groupings
  8. Sarf – Categories of Irregular Verbs – Haft-e-Aqsaam
  9. Sarf – The Irregular Verb – Ajwaf
  10. Sarf – The Irregular Verb – Naqis – Part 1
  11. Sarf – The Irregular Verb – Naqis – Part 2
  12. Sarf – The rules for Taleel – A summary of Ajwaf and Naqis

Arabic Grammar Books

  1. Arabic Tutor – Vol 1
  2. Arabic Tutor -Vol 2
  3. Arabic Tutor – Vol 3
  4. Treasures of Arabic Morphology – Sarf
  5. Ilm-un-Nahw
  6. Essentials Of Arabic Grammar (Source: Quran Academy)

172 thoughts on “PDF Files

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  2. Thanks a lot Adnan!
    I am happy that you like the site. Hopefully many more people will find this blog helpful in understanding the language of Quran, Insha Allah

    Jazak Allah!

  3. I needed the translation of grammatical nomenclature (noun, verb, subject, particles etc) from arabic to english, but no luck, but your work is good, carry on wa allaho ulmusta’an.

  4. Slmz
    We at madressa Noor for the blind teach blind people Quran and Hadith and Arabic Language.
    We are looking for soft copy (word or pdf) of Qasas un nabiyeen all 5 parts by Sheikh Hasan Ali Nadwi.

    If any 1 can help us please email us on audio@mnblind.org.


  5. Faheem,
    Masha Allah you people are doing a great job out there! Unfortunately, I can only provide you with scanned images of Qasas since I am unaware of any Word or PDF format for it. Maybe some other readers of my blog can help, Insha Allah

    Jazak Allah!

  6. Hi Sheepoo!
    Thanks for your information. That was EXACTLY what I was looking for!

    For Faheem:
    Quran is enough, if you come with Hadith+shari’a also you will be against Quran!
    (read 7:2-3, 17:46, 50:45 etc…) and I am sure that you don’t want them to embrace a medieval culture but the real Islam. REAL ISLAM, according to the above Verses, comes ONLY FROM QURAN and nothing else!

    • to matpen,
      if Quran without hadith is enough to practice Islam then how do you know how to pray and to pray 5 times a day? without the explanation from the hadith you cannot get this information.

  7. Salaam,

    I was wondering if you have any information on Maf’ool li’ajlee?

    Otherwise, jzk for you work. I find the documents very useful…

    • example:
      أَقُوْمُ إِكْرَامًا لِلْأَمِيْرِ
      the word إكراما is manshub as maf’ul liajlih.
      I’m sorry, I can not explain with english…
      المفعول لأجله هو اسم منصوب يجيء لبيان ما لأجله يفعل الفاعل الفعل

  8. Abu Ali,
    Maf’ool e Ajalee is another name for Maf’ool lahu i.e the noun which explains the reason for the action taking palce.

    Hope that helps, Insha Allah!

  9. jazakallah

    btw did u take notes from mufti sb. class during his lecture or did u just take notes from slides
    how did u go about in taking notes plz explain………….

  10. Salam Alai Kum,

    Really good effort here. Can somebody also post some structured audio (mp3) and video (mp4) IPOD compatible online. This would be a real blessing.. For example http://WWW.TAJWEEDINENGLISH.COM has all the Tajweed material in audio and video of IMMENSE benefit.


  11. Waalaikum Assalam Imran,
    I am glad you like the site. Unfortunately, I cannot post the mp3 files from the class since the Shaikh did not give me permission to upload these recordings to the the blog. Maybe someone else has some other recordings from another teacher which will be beneficial for all of us, Insha Allah

    Jazak Allah!

  12. @sheepoo

    so at this current point ru able to understand the quran and hadith some what or still not able to understand?

  13. AoA Zaid,
    By the grace of Allah I feel much ahead in terms of understanding Quran and Hadith as compared to when I had not taken this course. Of course, one has to put in a lot of individual effort as well to complement what is taught at the course.

    Jazak Allah!

  14. Hard to answer this one :-)
    Do not forget that I had already been putting in my individual effort by marking my Quran for words which I knew from my mother-tongue and noting the meaning of these on the margins.
    What Shariah Program did was it reinforced my raw knowledge of the language and put order to the chaos.
    Plus, remember that after completing Shariah Program course you will still have to put in a lot of effort in terms of reading and exercises to ensure that you properly understand the meaning of the Quran. I strongly suggest that press Mufti Yusuf to give you examples from the Quran for each new concept which is introduced in the class. Hope that helps!

    Jazak Allah

  15. Salaamu alaykum

    Please if anyone has the Arabic to Urdu or even English translation of this book “Qasas-un-Nabiyeen” (ie part 1 till 4) can you upload it asap!


  16. Umm_Q,
    I do not have the translation with me;however, I would highly suggest that you attempt to read the book in Arabic itself since that way you will be able to do tarkeeb on the sentences which is impossible to do with a translation.

    Jazak Allah!

  17. the urdu version of qasas un nabiyeen(1-4 seperate) can be purchased at islamic book shops. its really good!!! howeva shepoo is right ull fynd tarkeeb really hard laterz

  18. I’m IBRAHIM EL SHAFEY, Professional Arabic language teacher for Non-Arabic speakers..

    If you want to study online.. If you like to learn a new language.. If you like Arabic language.. If Arabic language service of process in your life.. If you want to come to Egypt: Tourism, entertainment, education.. Etc..

    If you want to start the study now comunicate with me..

    Cairo – Egypt

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  20. I will consider this specific page in the next update of linker site since my criteria to add links to my linker site is usually unique content not found already.

    But I wanted to add your pdf books as 1 document in my downloader site http://asimiqbal2nd.downloads.googlepages.com Can you make one pdf document of all this useful Arabic data with the link to your site embedded into it so that not only can I offer it as 1 document via my site, it also gets promoted automatically.

    Actually I found Wright’s Arabic Grammar useful in core issues like derived verbal forms meanings, Nouns of quality etc… and now I think prepositions will also have to be dealt with in detail using it since details are sometimes necessary and we don’t get the necessary skills from basic Arabic Grammar books.
    I am looking for material on nouns of excess (Ism Mubaliha) . Any documents you have may be of use?

  21. Asim,
    I have added link to your site.
    As for making one PDF out of all the separate ones, unfortunately I do not have access to Adobe Professional any more so I do not think that it will be possible for me to put everything together.Also, realize that these are lessons from class and were not meant to be written in a book form.
    Finally, I would have recommended Wright’s Grammar as well for the level of detail which you are looking for. Other than that I do not think I have anything currently with me which deals with noun of excess. If something does come up then Insha Allah I can update you on that.

    Jazak Allah!

  22. JazakALLAH! for adding the link. I will Insha’ALLAH add link to this page in my next update. But this should be the page containing all your future pdf material on Arabic.

    I found out some details of derived verbal forms using Wright’s Arabic Grammar.

    I studied basic ideas on nouns of excess using Wright’s Arabic Grammar.

    Similarly prepositions are to be studied using it as reference since Arabic prepositions are not so simple that fii always means in. That is not true.

    I think this is a misconception that the things I am looking for are details or a very high level of detail . But students in Muslim schools and madrassaas are not taught these things conprehensively, I guess.

    Without knowledge of effect of each form of the available weights of nouns of excess how would a Muslim translate the Names of ALLAH.

    Without details of derived verbal forms, how would a Muslim translate such basic orders like laa tafarraqu (form VI) intensity/extensiveness/reflixiveness etc… are to be catered for in translating it.

    Similarly prepositions may cause some confusion if not studied comprehensively.

    The 3 Urdu Books by Qur’an Academy were also very useful Masha’ALLAH! and I use them extensively also.

  23. I have seen link to my site given here.

    You should rename it as “Free Arabic Grammar Books” OR “Arabic Grammar Books” instead of “Free Arabic Books” as this may give a misconception that my site is for those who know Arabic.

    I have also added link to this page in my downloader page in ARabic Grammar Books section

  24. Dear Sheepoo,

    I really appreciate your pains to help people learn arabic. May Allah grant you blessings in propogating the language of Jannah.

    As I am new to computers, its very difficult to read your chapters for learning arabic. I would be utterly grateful if you can make a separate .pdf file for the complete book. This is because it would remain in single place and easier to bookmark.

  25. Masood,
    These are lecture notes from the Shariah Program class and as such were never meant to be in a book form. The PDF section of this blog has all these separate lectures in their proper order which you can download separately. I think this also makes them easy to handle as well. In any case, I do not have Adobe Professional with me anymore so it will be hard for me to put these all together.

    Jazak Allah!

  26. Asim,
    I do not have the .doc files for these PDFs. One thing you can do is to copy paste these files into OpenOffice and then use its PDF Writer feature to create one large PDF; I think that will be very useful

    Jazak Allah!

  27. So this material i.e. the lecture notes are frozen and the only format available with you is pdf.

    I don’t have open office but pdf writer is available.

    I will try to do something to make it 1 file next week Insha’ALLAH!

    i.e. General, Sarf and Nahw sections into 1 pdf file with link to this page Insha’ALLAH!

    I have word, I also have tif maker but sometimes some quality is lost in pdf to tif, merging all separate tif files , and then converting tif to pdf.

    I will try to make 1 file some way.

  28. I think I will be able to accomplish this task by next week and if I fail, a fried Nouman will Insha’ALLAH! do it.

    You can send me some text regarding anything you want to discuss within 1 paragraph, not more than 1 page preferably, having link to this specific page, and a brief introduction to the institution from where you got these notes. I plan to add this at the end of this 1 piece merged document as the last page.

    You can send this information as soon as possible to asimiqbal.2 @ gmail.com

  29. Asim,
    It was an online course, Shariahprogram.ca and you can visit the website to get more information. The instructor was Mufti Yusuf Mullan, who I must say, is best of his kind. The course takes you through difficult points of Arabic Grammar in a very easy manner and there are plenty of examples from Quran, which makes learning even more easy. One thing to note: the class in which I was enrolled did not complete its full years because of lack of attendance, so these notes are definitely not the entire course taught at Shariahprogram.ca

    Jazak Allah!

  30. In

    17. Nahw – The Followers – Tawabay

    You have uploaded 12. Nahw – Huruf Mushabbah bil Fayl – Particles resembling Verbs instead of 17. Nahw – The Followers – Tawabay
    Sarf section

    You should upload this file 17. Nahw – The Followers – Tawabay, if you have it, otherwise I will make book without this file.

    Then see the last post where I finalized what is to be written on the last page and suggest any changes.

  31. OK everything else is ready only waiting for:

    A. 17. Nahw – The Followers – Tawabay
    (If available upload, if not available I will do book without it Insha’ALLAH!)

    B. This is the final statement to be added at the end:
    If you want any changes publish the revised version in your next post and the book will Insha’ALLAH be ready.

    This book is based on the lecture notes attended by Sheepoo, which were and are originally available at:


    Sheepoo who attended this course and benefitted us all by sharing these lecture notes has this to say about this course:

    “It was an online course, Shariahprogram.ca and you can visit the website to get more information. The instructor was Mufti Yusuf Mullan, who I must say, is best of his kind. The course takes you through difficult points of Arabic Grammar in a very easy manner and there are plenty of examples from Quran, which makes learning even more easy. One thing to note: the class in which I was enrolled did not complete its full years because of lack of attendance, so these notes are definitely not the entire course taught at Shariahprogram.ca”

  32. Asim,
    There is no need to add any kind of ‘advertisement’ at the end of the book. I appreciate your giving credit to my blog so just make sure that the blog address appears somewhere; there is no need to put names anywhere.
    I have fixed the error you have mentioned; thank you for pointing that out

    Jazak Allah for all your efforts!

  33. The link to this page is clearly viisible on the last page of the book.

    Size ~ 1.31 MB
    Pages = 117

    You should upload a copy on your official site too.

    You can download it from my site. The link is available just above the link to your site on my downloader site.

  34. Asim,
    Nice work! I appreciate your effort in combining the lectures notes in one file. Just pone pint: maybe it will be useful if there was a contents page at the beginning; this will make it useful for the readers to find the specific information they are looking for.

    Jazak Allah!

  35. 1 more thing:

    Essentials of Arabic Grammar by Brig Zahoor is not the property of quranacademy.com

    It was given to Quran Academy website with the permission of Brig Zahoor and he won’t mind as long as the book is not altered in any way Insha’ALLAH!

    I was requested to make an online pdf version of this book. And I clearly put the link of http://www.sautulquran.org (The author’s official site) inside the book, so no need to put (Source : quranacademy.com or any other site) since this is not the source and the source is already mentioned within the book.

    So I guess my work here is done . If you have any more book available email to asimiqbal.2 @ gmail.com

  36. Asim,
    The book available on Saut-ul-Quran is written by Ata-ur-Rehman Saqib and is in Urdu. The Book available on Quran Academy site has Brig. Zahoor Ahmed as its author and is in English. Even a cursory look at the two books show that these are different works, so I am not too sure what exactly is the issue here.

    Jazak Allah!

  37. I don’t think the issue is complicated.

    See Brigadier Zahoor’s book and the site mentioned within it is http://www.sautulquran.org

    How can it be linked to quranacademy.com

    Ata-ur-Rehman’s book (this older print available on http://www.sautulquran.org) is not copyrighted and was uploaded earlier.

    You should remove source quranacademy.com from his book given here.

    You can contact me at my email to directly communicate with Brig Zahoor or Qur’an Academy.

  38. Essentials Of Arabic Grammar has been linked up at sautulquran.org, the official site of the author and he has said “rights are not reserved” and you by saying source quranacademy.com make it appear as quran academy has something to do with this book and rights have something to do with quranacademy.com . It has nothing to do with this book as far as writing it is concerned. It only published a copy via its site after internal checking acc. to its standards.

    SO you should remove source quranacademy.com immediately.

  39. The idea is great so is the content. Unfortunately as Hafasa pointed out, it is not only ‘Anatomy of a sentence Part 2′ link that does not work but many other links don’t. I would be great if someone would look into this problem make the great site it is intended to be. Many thanks

  40. As salaamu alaykum.

    BarakAllah feek for this wonderful site.

    I am revising “Sarf–The Irregular Verb Part I”. Can you please explain what rules did you follow to get to conjugation 3 ra-muu from ra-mi-yuu as well as to conjugation 3 ra-dhuu from ra-dhi-yuu.

    Wa alaykum us salaam,
    Sr. Kareemah

    • Sr. Kareemah,
      I have just realized that the third conjugation for rama-yarmee should be ra-mau, i.e. with a fathah on the meem, rather than a dhamma, as I am showing in the blog. Do you agree?

  41. As salaamu alaykum,

    I believe that that is correct. I am using the information on your site to help me to revise for the Shariah on line course. The information has been very helpful.

    BarakAllahu feek
    Wa alaykum us salaam,
    Sr Kareemah

  42. Sister Kareemah,
    I have updated the PDF file to show the correct conjugation. Interestingly, the main post did not have this error. I scanned through the comments and one of my users has pointed this mistake out and I had fixed it int he post. I guess I was just plain lazy to fix the PDF :) .

    Jazak Allah for the correction!

  43. Thanks for your website and it files. They are very useful for me. I am a student of Islamic College in Indonesia and now doing a thesis on Cohesion in Arabic. Appreciate if you have any papers related to that topic to share with me. Syukron.

  44. Can you please get Qasas un Nabiyeen part 1-3
    please to help me with my studies at the Alimah Course
    You see i am only 13 so i find it hard

  45. Student at Scotland,
    I will highly recommend that you register for the Online Shariah Program course for all your Arabic learning needs. The Qasas books come with the course and Mufti Yusuf is a marvellous instructor, Masha Allah.
    As for myself, I am simply a student of Arabic so I may not be of much help other than in Nahw and Sarf. That said, I will absolutely help you out wherever I can, Insha Allah.

    Hope that helps!

    Jazak Allah!

  46. Asalaamu alaikum,

    I am also doing the Shariah program. I do not find it easy. However I am determined to plod along. I would really like to express my appreciation of the work you have put in here. It has helped me very much in understanding these terms and concepts.

    Jazak Allah

  47. Martin,
    I am glad that this material was helpful to you. As for the course being tough, any new language that you learn does not come easy, especially if you are learning the technical part of it (grammar, rhetoric etc.). I hope that this material will go some way in alleviating your difficulties in learning the language of Quran, Insha Allah

    Jazak Allah!

  48. could u plz tell me the meaning of kasas part1 and 2 in urdu as my 1st year exams are coming up on the 10th august or ill fail im under pressure of time

    jazakullah- by the way your websitte is very helpful

  49. Halimah,
    It is almost impossible for me to provide the Urdu translation of Qasas Part 1 & 2 in such a short time. First of all I do not have the Urdu translation with me. Secondly, I think that the translation is easily available in Pakistan, so if you have anyone you know there you can ask for their help.
    Sorry that I was unable to help you out here, although I am glad that you found the blog useful

    Jazak Allah!

  50. please could u tell me what ismah ishaarat means step by step or where it is on the website this is from the book mualim-al-sarf

  51. as you said earlier that u could ask someone in pakistan for help or the book it is not avail;able for me because theres is no one to send it quickly to me here in england please if you know of a website -please could u tell me that


  52. please could u tell me what ismah ishaarat means step by step or where it is on the website this is from the book mualim-al-sarf


  53. Halimah,
    Ism ishara is what you call a ‘demonstrative pronoun’ in English: it points to another noun i.e. this, that, those, these etc.
    You can read more about this on Page 27 of Ilm-un-Nahw (link # 5 under the Arabic Grammar Books section)

    I hope that helps, Insha Allah

    Jazak Allah!

  54. asslamualaykum,
    as you said earlier that u could ask someone in pakistan for help or the book it is not avail;able for me because theres is no one to send it quickly to me here in england please if you know of a website -please could u tell me that


  55. Halimah,
    What I meant to say was that You could ask someone in Pakistan (if you have contacts there) to look for an Urdu translation for Qasas. For myself, unfortunately, I do not know anyone in Pakistan who can help me out with this

    Hope that helps

    Jazak Allah!

  56. sheepoo,

    i always wanted to know on the web it says i last messaged 1:06 in the morning but when i really did type was after 8:00. is it because u live not in england or something


  57. As-salamu ‘alaykum

    Thank you for these courses of Arabic grammar. It is a very useful work. Bârakallâhu fikum.

    Do you know about this link (Combined format of some lecture notes) : http://asimiqbal2nd.downloads.googlepages.com/lecture-notes.pdf

    It is a file where there are all your classes (Combined format of some lecture notes). This is useful, but :

    Are we allowed to use this file?
    Are we allowed to distribute this file?

    Bârakallâhu fikum

  58. Ibn Moussa,
    Thank you for asking. The author of the said web site did ask my permission to put together all the lecture notes on my blog into one single file. So please go ahead and use either the separate files from my blog or the single file from the other web site. It would also be great if you can introduce other to this knowledge who may be looking for some material on Classical Arabic Grammar

    Hope that helps!

    Jazak Allah!

  59. Assalam-u-alaykum!

    I am Asim Iqbal 2nd, and my new website is http://asimiqbal2nd.110mb.com/ As you can see from the old googlepages site for which the account was deleted by google and somehow the website still remains. But that site is stuck on Dec 1 2008 while my latest site http://asimiqbal2nd.110mb.com is updated today with many more free Arabic Grammar resources.

    Kindly replace the old link with this new link in your Arabic Grammar Links section.

    Asim Iqbal 2nd.

  60. Mohammad,
    I am happy that you find the blog useful. Unfortunately, at this time I do not have the scanned images of Qasas with me. My understanding is that it is easily available online on various web stores

    Jazak Allah!

  61. Dear Sheepoo,

    I will be grateful if you can let me know link of PDF translation of Qasas unabeen. Kindly also let me know about yourself. What you do and where you from etc. Thanks.

  62. Mohammad,
    Unfortunately I do not have the link of PDF translation for Qasas with me.
    As for who I am, I guess it really does not matter as long the material on this blog serves its purpose of making it easy for students to understand the language of Quran.

    Jazak Allah!

  63. Abdul Haseeb,
    I am glad that you have found the blog useful. Good to know that Shariah Program keeps growing; it is one of the best Arabic Learning Courses out there.

    Jazak Allah!

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  65. Anisa,
    I am not sure what you mean by Audio Nahw? If you are asking about audio lectures of these notes then these classes are all recorded but are only available to the Shariah Program Students.

    Jazak Allah!

  66. Assalam-u-alaykum!

    Since my link was added from this page comments , so I am posting here.

    Can you give me reason why my link was removed from your site or on whose request the link was removed? By ALLAH’s Help I proposed Gramatical and Weight Concordance of the Qur’an recently. Despite that why my link was removed.

    Asim Iqbal

  67. Asim,
    The link to your site was broken that is why it was removed, amongst many other links which point to sites that no longer function. I will review and add it back if it if functional again

    Jazak Allah!

  68. Assalamu’alaykum
    May Allah reward you abudnantly and protect you in this world and give you all that you desire in the next Ameen
    JazakAllah’Khair for this website im currently doing an arabic intensive course (im an absolute beginner)
    and i have been struggeling and falling behind but everything on this page makes it soo much simpler
    the biggest help ever i cannot thank you enough :D (y)

    • Happy Person,
      Thanks for the kind words. I wish the same for you as you do for me. I am glad that you have found this blog useful in learning the language of Quran. I wish you all the success in your endeavors,

      Jazak Allah!

  69. assalamu alikum sheeppoo

    am planning to take the shariah program self paced arabic course for the first year since am lil short of finance at the moment . any personal advice u would like to give me

  70. Walaikum Assalam Mohamed,
    Good to now that you are taking up Shariah Program. I pray for your success, Insha Allah.

    I would advise that you to focus on the Qasas book as much as possible. The more you read it the more you learn.
    The verb patterns are there to be memorized and may be difficult to remember but then there is no recourse around that.
    One thing I would also suggest is to start marking your personal copy of the Quran after the first 4-5 weeks of the classes. You should be looking for words which go by a pattern. You can always ask Mufti Yusuf and he will help.

    I hope that you enjoy your learning endeavor. Feel free to come back and ask more quetions,

    Jazak Allah!

  71. Thanks a lot sheepoo, great work, this is sadakatun jariya, it will always be continuous blessing for you. Insha Allah

    Jazak Allah

  72. Assalamu’alaykum

    ya Akhi this website is amazing may it be a means of reward for you so that you may enter the highest jannah and be with the prophets and companions

    a small request is there anyway you could post some things on huroof and sentence structure and the mafaa’il InShaaAllah

    JazakAllah Khair and once again i cant thank you enough for this uselfull website Alhamdulilah :)

  73. Taliba,
    Jazak Allah for the prayers. This is all due to His mercy and Sheikh Yusuf Mullan’s efforts: I am simply the ‘typist’

    I cannot promise you that I will post something right away regarding huruf and other things mentioned by you as my time currently is being spent in other endeavors. However, if Allah wills, I will try to gather some material and post a few notes about these aspects of the Arabic Language.

    Jazak Allah

  74. Assalam o alaikum wa rehmatullah wa barakatohu,

    i am looking for help with Qasas un nabiyeen.

    is there an online english version to help with the arabic translations?

    would really appreciate any help.

    jazakumullah khair

    in need of duas

    • Waalikum Assalam Samar,
      I am unaware of any English translation of Qasas. In any case, I would prefer that you use the Hans-Wehr Dictionary with the original Qasas in Arabic as there is no better way to learn the Language. You will struggle a little at first but then Insha Allah things will ease out.
      I will be willing to help you out as and when I can.

      Jazak Allah!

  75. Nahw – The Grammatical States in Arabic Language in this file you said if you change ibrahhema to ibrahhemu it would reverse the meaning, you cannot chnage that fatha to a damma the word is ghair mun sarrif (change Restricted)

    • Asa, the words which are ghayr musarif can take a dhamma or a fatha; so there is a chance someone could make that mistake, like sheepo has mentioned in the file. ghayr munsarif are unable to take kasra; and they can take fatha or dhamma

  76. Qamr,
    At the very early level of instruction it is easier just to mention the rule and not go in details. The post you have commented on is, I believe, the first or second in the whole series of posts and I could not have mentioned advanced topics like munsarif or Ghair munsarif at that stage. That said, the example itself is very powerful and is likely to stick in the reader’s mind as the risk being explained is about making a mistake in the meaning of the Quran.

    Jazak Allah!

  77. Salam Alykum brother,

    Non of the Arabic grammar pdf file links seem to be working. Specially the Arabic tutor vol 1,2,3. JazakAllah khair bro

    • Omar,
      Thanks for pointing out the issue.
      The files hosted on WordPress are working fine as I have confirmed by downloading some of them.
      However, links to 3 volumes of Arabic Tutor and Ilm-un-Nahw are broken since the domain al-inaam.org has been taken down. I have updated the Arabic Tutor links by uploading copied of these files on WordPress and pointing the links to the same. Unfortunately, I do not seem to have a copy of Ilm-un-Nahw with me right now so I have not been able to fix the link yet. I am hoping that I will be able to find the file soon and fix the link.

      Jazak Allah!

  78. assalam.o.alikum.w.w
    JazakALLAH its so helpful. i just get mad where ever i c something that can help me to become a fluent arabic speaker.

  79. assalam.o.alikum
    sir! muzaray mjhool of yansuru is yunsaru? moreover clear one thing that always there is 1 rule to make mjhool? to put zamma on fa kalima, and to put fatha on aaen kalima? no matter it is from which bab. right?

  80. SA Sheepoo,
    I was looking the single, combined book you worked with Br Asim Iqlab in your site but I couldn’t find that. Can you direct me to that book?

  81. Asalaamu’Alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu .. Allhamdulillah great blog. Have you covered
    الا سماء الخمسة in any of your lessons?

  82. My family members every time say that I am wasting my time here at web, however I know I am
    getting know-how all the time by reading such pleasant articles.

  83. Can someone tell me what I will gain from reading all of these PDF files. Also how long will it take. Jazakallah khair.

    • Salaam,
      You will hopefully get the basics of Classical Arabic right. As for how long it will take, that depends upon how much time and effort you put into learning the material.

      Jazak Allah!

  84. can someone please tell me where can I get an explanation for أدوات الشرط and
    مفمول مطلق \به\له

  85. Sheepoo please could you upload qasas un nabiyun volume 3 in English or Urdu urgently I have an exam and I’m desperate for it.

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