Sarf – The rules for تَعلِیل – A summary of اجوف and ناقِص

We already know that there are three letters in the Arabic alphabet which are called ﺣﹹﺮﹸﻭﻑﹺ ﻋﹻﻠﳲﺖ (or the weak letters), namelyand and . The presence of these letters within the base letters of a verb will cause certain changes to occur which can change the final form of the verb. In this post, Insha Allah, I will list down the rules which deal with ﺗﹷﻌﻠﹻﻴﻞ occurring at the  ﻻﻡ position and the  position of the verb. Continue reading

Sarf – The Irregular Verb – ناقِص – Part 2

Disclaimer: This post is due to a major contribution from Humairah (blogging here). Any mistakes, of course, are mine.

We have already discussed the ﻣﺎﺿﻰ of the ناقِص verb. In this post, Insha Allah, I will discuss the ﻣﹹﻀﺎﺭﹺﻉ patterns for the same and we will see how some conjugations undergo ﺗﹷﻌﻠﹻﻴﻞ . Continue reading

Sarf – The Irregular Verb – ناقِص – Part 1

Disclaimer: This post is due to a major contribution from Humairah (blogging here). Any mistakes, of course, are mine.

As we have already learned, ﻧﹷﺎﻗﹻﺺﹾ verb is one which hasorat its ﻻﻡ position. For the purpose of illustration we will take three examples of a ﻧﹷﺎﻗﹻﺺﹾ verb: ﺩﹶﻋﹷﺎ (he called) , which comes from ﻧﹷﺼﹷﺮﹶ baab , ﺭﹶﻣﻰٰ (he threw), which comes from ﺿﹷﺮﹶﺏﹶ baab, and ﺭﹶﺿﹻﻰﹶ (he was pleased), which comes from ﺳﹷﻤﹻﻊﹶ baab. In this post I will, Insha Allah, deal with the ﻣﺎﺿﻰ conjugations of the ﻧﹷﺎﻗﹻﺺﹾ verb. Continue reading

Arabic Grammar Books

************** THE LINKS ON THIS PAGE ARE ALSO AVAILABLE IN THE PDF FILES SECTION************************ In this post I am providing links for some very important books available on the Internet which relate directly to what we are studying in the class. I had known about this site for sometime,however Hafsa prompted me to look at the books more closely. So thanks to her :) . These books are available at the al-Inaam Website. I have asked for their permission to put these PDF files on my web site and am waiting for the reply. Until then, here are the links:

I hope that these books will go a long way in increasing our knowledge of the Arabic Language. May Allah bless those who have translated these for us.

Sarf – The Irregular Verb – اَجوَف

In the last post we learned about the 7 categories into which Arabic verbs can be grouped and then we saw how introduction of weak letters can cause verbs to become irregular i.e. cause their conjugations to differ from the normal conjugations of regular verbs. Now we will, Insha Allah, start going into details of each of the verb categories which deal with irregular verbs. Our first post deals with ﺃﺟﻮﹶﻑ which, as you may recall, is a verb having واو or ياء at theposition. Continue reading

Sarf – ابواب الافعال – Introduction to Verb Groupings

Up until now we have been dealing with just one type of the base verb i.e. ﻓﹷﻌﹷﻞﹶ . However, this is not the only way a base verb can occur in Arabic. In fact, the ﻣﺎﺿﻰ verb (and consequently the ﻣﹹﻀﺎﺭﹺﻉ verb) can occur in several different patterns depending upon the vowelling and number of letters in the base verb. In this post, I will, Insha Allah, explain about different patterns of Arabic verbs along with some of their examples. Continue reading