Muqaddimah – Tafsir Nizam-ul-Quran – Univocity of the Quranic Text

The Holy Qur’ān makes the intended meanings of its text absolutely clear. Every single verse gives a single definitive message. It is only the lack of research and study of a verse on the part of the exegetes that makes it seem subject to various interpretations. Continue reading

Muqaddimah – Tafsir Nizam-ul-Quran – Divine Books explain each other

This discussion is confined to the issues of styles of expression and the language of the Divine Books. The divine laws and rulings and the historical narratives and their use and purpose will be taken up in a separate section.

It is known that teachings of Jesus Christ, though recorded in Greek, were originally delivered in Hebrew. That is, both the Torah and the Gospels were delivered in the same language. Continue reading