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Muqaddimah – Tafsir Nizam-ul-Quran – Preface – Part 4

September 5, 2009

What I intend to bring to the eyes of the academic world does not call for this elaborate and lengthy discussion. Yet, I have gone this far in this preliminary discussion only because discovering the coherence in the Book demands great contemplation. If one fixes the view the Book does not contain any nazm at all in the mind, even before approaching it for interpretation, it would be impossible for him to tread a single step in this direction. Everything will look so strange and unfamiliar that it would be hard for him to immerse himself into such an endeavour.

One may, however, say that if Quranic nazm is such sublime science yielding great benefits then why the Companions of the Holy Prophet (sws) maintained silence in this regard? Why did the Prophet (sws) himself did not point toward this important tool of interpretation of the divine text? Our response to this question is this: the Companions of the Holy Prophet (sws) stood fully in the light regarding the context of the verses. Most parts of the discourse addressed their issues and were revealed considering their circumstances. Had we lived in the same blessed time the coherence of the Book would have been clear to us too. That is we see that little exegetical narratives have been ascribed to the Companions for it spoke in the mother-tongue, applied their style of expression and discussed their issues and problems. Nothing of this triad is shared by us with them. This being true, how can one compare us with them with regards to the understanding of coherence in the Quran! Yet, despite the great difference of time between the Companions and us, we have, in the repetition of the verses, decisive nature of the discourse, and presentation of the arguments, certain indicators which point beyond what we miss otherwise. These things continue to radiate light and help every keen and perceptive reader discern the nazm.

Here I conclude this discussion of nazm, the fundamental principle of this exegesis. The introductions to the exegesis which follow this preface contain various other relevant facts which further explain our approach in this regard.

Muqaddimah – Tafsir Nizam-ul-Quran – Explanation of the Verses with their Parallels

This is a rendering of English translation of Muqaddimah – Tafsir Nizam ul Quran by the permission of the translator, Tariq Mahmood Hashmi. Original version available here.

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