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Patience is a virtue

February 26, 2007

I will be posting regularly on this blog about Arabic. This is all coming out of the Shariah Program weekend Arabic classes which I am attending these days. I am just trying to balance my work with what I can post here, so keep an eye on this blog. I try to make notes from the class and then write them down in detail for myself during the week. It is these personal notes which I post on this blog. Plus, it is not easy to write Arabic script so that also adds to the time it takes for the information to get posted. In any case, here is what we believe in:

اِنّ اللّہَ مع اَلصّابِرین

So hang on tight and, Insha Allah, this blog will go a long way in helping out potential students of Classical Arabic

  1. I was wondering, whether you can email me, i wanted to ask you something inshaAllah.

  2. Sadiq,
    In your email you had requested that I send you all my notes via email. I have a few points to make on that:

    1)I can only post what I am learning. The classes are on weekends and I can only post once I have attended the class and have understood myself what has been taught.So these are actually my notes 🙂

    2)Had I had all my notes with me, I would not have put them online all at once. From personal experience I know that if knowledge is just thrown at someone, its value is degraded. I want my readers to slowly understand and take in the basics of Arabic Language. I personally like to type in what I have learned since this makes me put a lot of effort into this blog and secondly this becomes a sort of a revision for myself as well.

    By the way, I really like your website and I have added it to my blogroll.

    So hang in tight! Insha Allah I will post whatever I learn at the Toronto Shariah Program. Nothing will be held back, except what Allah wills! So enjoy!

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