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The comprehensiveness of Arabic Language

February 13, 2007

Arabic is a language which is known for its brevity and comprehensiveness. As an example, look at the word given below which means: ‘they sought help’. Right away you can see that three English words are required to translate this one Arabic word. However, there is more to it than meets the eye. This one Arabic word conveys seven pieces of information to us. Let us see how:

  1. نَصَرَ : to help
  2. ست : seek
  3. The absence of one of the 4 prefixes اَ تَ ی نَ (which makes a future tense verb) plus the fathah on صَ which renders this word in the past tense.
  4. the fathah on صَ and ت and kasra on ا conveys the meaning of active voice ; changing this to a damma on ا and ت and a kasra صَ will change this to a passive voice i.e اُستُنصِرُوا will mean help was sought from them
  5. و at the end conveys the meaning of masculine gender
  6. و at the end conveys the meaning of a group of more than 2 persons
  7. و at the end conveys the meaning of third person
  1. Dear Sheepoo

    can you please tell us something about your self as you seem to be a great scholar of Arabic language.


  2. Great Scholar!!!!!! May Allah have mercy on everyone including me!
    I am just typing whatever is being transmitted through the Toronto Shariah Program. The scholar here is Mufti Yousuf, may Allah bless him for his efforts.
    I hope that people find this blog useful towards understanding the language of Quran.

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