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June 11, 2006

This Friday was the first after the terror arrests in Toronto. The Imam at Al-Falah gave a very balanced sermon where he impressed upon the Muslims to show the Canadian scoeity that Islam is a religion of peace. He also said that as a community we have to ensure that frustrations of our youth are not chanelled in a worng direction. Other mosques are reported to have carried the same message.
In the aftermath of the arrests, a Montreal Imam was attacked with a knife, which the police is taking as a hate crime. I hope that things do not go out of hand and that sanity will prevail.

On another note, I was amused to see the Americans going nuts about border security with Canada and almost implying that Canada is a safe-haven for terrorists. I could not help but laugh to note that Stephen Harper had left no stone unturned to use these arrests to show the Americans that Canada is doing whatever it could to clamp down on terrorists. If history is a guide then someone should tell Stephen Harper that instead of placating the American public opinion (which will never be placated anyways when it come to Islam) he should focus more on his job as a Canadian Prime Minister. I feel, however, that Canadians as a whole are very afraid of the Americans and the one thing which is the driving force beihnd this is the economy. The Canadian public thinks, erronesouly, of coursre, that if the border is shutdown with the States will cause the economy to go down in a spiral and there would be nothing left of Canada.Someone should instill these people with the idea that sustenance comes from Allah and not from USA.

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